Wij offer the following services:

  • Making a concept for your site
  • Implementing your site
  • Adding new features to an existing site
  • Updating an existing site
  • Adding a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Building a custom app
  • Consultancy
  • Database design
  • Hosting and domeinnnaamregistration
  • Banner design
  • Mobile development

In short, we can design and implement a complete internet-presence for you.

You can request an offer here

Our method


The start of any project is finding out what kind of site you want, and above all: whet the purpose is of the required site. Based on your demands and remarks we build a concept. In the concept we describe the structure, as well as the operation of the parts. Part of making the concept is an estimation of the costs.


If you have approved of the concept and the cost-esitmate, real production of the site. In this stage, the site will get built. You will be able to follow the progress and give feedback when needed. In this way we make sure the site is the site you want


If the production is ready, the website can be tested and improved. If that is finished, the website can go live

Deployment and after-care

If all tests have been successfull, the website can be deployed. The first 3 months after deployment, solving bugs is free. After that you will be charged. This only goes for bugs, not modifications or additions, which are not free.